Dunkirk, the movie

RAF Spitfire pilot in Nolan's






I’t would be fantastic if my finished project could be adapted to a movie, but after watching Nolan’s new film “Dunkirk” I realize that would be very difficult.

Nolan’s marvelous film was very focused.  His scenes were primarily filmed on the beaches, the sky and the 26 mile stretch of water between Dover and Dunkirk.  Nolan let his 70 mm Imax cameras tell the story.    Nolan used just a few lines of dialogue and a map to provide the historic detail.  Each type of airplane was mentioned.  The number of men on the beach was mentioned.   etc.

My story, however,  would be too expensive to turn into a quality film.  There are Too many venues and too many historical factoids to put on film.  I would have to throw away most of my story and focus on just a few venues.  The evacuation of the French Army  and the BEF happened in just 11 days while mine takes place over a longer period of time.

Oh well! So much for that idea.